Wildlink for Desktop

Wildlink for Desktop is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. It's the perfect way to make money on your recommendations at home or work. For on-the-go recommendations, we're very close to launching our mobile apps. Thanks for your continued patience and check back soon!

Current release

Version 1.1.14
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Release Notes

- Bugfix: Not rendering for some Windows machines - Bugfix: Blank window for some Windows machines

Older releases

Version 1.1.13 - Mar 07, 2018
  • Reminder notification that Amazon isn't in our network yet
  • New earnings notifications (coming very soon!)
  • Bugfix: Chart flickering for some users
  • Bugfix: Users hitting login even though they're already logged in
  • Bugfix: Improved window positioning on Windows
  • Version 1.1.10 - Feb 21, 2018
  • Added bubble the first time the app is closed to let users know it's still running in the tray
  • Changed click stats to show bar charts instead of line chart
  • Bug fixes including transparent issue on Windows (was showing little white corners on the onboarding dialog)
  • Version 1.1.8 - Feb 10, 2018
  • Bugfix: stores getting cached too long, now refreshing once an hour
  • Bugfix: stores matching too broadly (i.e. blog.macys.com instead of just macys.com)
  • Added skip option for the how-to-use tour
  • Version 1.1.6 - Feb 08, 2018
    Bugfix: Link to click stats not visible after completing "how to use" tutorial if user was logged in
    Version 1.1.5 - Feb 08, 2018
  • Completed improvements to "how to use" interactive tutorial
  • Bugfix: App would load hidden, behind/underneath other windows (Windows bug)
  • Font fixes in onboarding
  • Version 1.0.55 - Feb 02, 2018
  • Bugfix: Some links being converted that shouldn't be (i.e. eventful.com) because a substring match occurred (ful.com is in our inventory). Changed to do literal matches instead.
  • Version 1.0.54 - Feb 02, 2018
  • Revised onboarding
  • Bugfix: Losing store domains when server responds with invalid data, now protecting cached data against this case so app should still work even when server is down
  • Version 1.0.53 - Feb 01, 2018
  • Bugfix: Auto-update not auto restarting the app (required manual restart)
  • Version 1.0.30 - Jan 25, 2018
  • New app updates auto-installed when ready
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